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Let’s get it straight, you’re either blessed with a naturally beautiful skin or you just have to take that extra effort of pampering your skin with various products and protecting it from the harsh environment. While there are a few of us who require no efforts at all, we got all the other ladies covered with our basic yet essential skin-care do’s and don’ts. So worry no more as we’ll ensure you have a flawless and beautifully natural skin for years to come. All you must do is follow these points religiously and keep them in mind forever. So, here you go…


1) Remove your makeup and let your skin breathe

We know you have long, tiring days at work but you CANNOT afford to let your skin suffer. Your skin requires to be cleaned after a busy day so that it can repair itself when you’re asleep. Leaving your makeup on throughout the night not only clogs your pores but it also gives rise to more acne. So, make sure you do not get lazy and follow your night skin-care ritual before you hit the bed.

2) Take up a fitness routine

Exercising is not only good for your physical health but also has various skin-care benefits. We all can testify that the glow that we get after a fun cardio session is incomparable. Working out boosts our body’s blood circulation which further helps in bringing a natural glow on your face. So, stop procrastinating and get exercising already.

3) Stay hydrated

The current heat wave requires you to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Apart from keeping your skin hydrated, water also helps in pumping up blood to the skin so as to maintain its radiant glow. So get into the habit of drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water every day. You’ll never know how important this is.

4) Eat your greens

We are what we eat. No matter what you do, if you don’t eat your greens and fruits, it will eventually show up on your skin. Fresh juices and salads may sound boring but trust us, nothing helps better. Avoid eating processed and packaged food and stick to fresh foods. It helps in maintaining that natural charm on your face.

5) Get your beauty sleep

Everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep every night. While you’re peacefully sleeping, your skin cells are at work and repair themselves overnight. Sufficient sleep takes away the tiredness and puffiness from your face and leaves you looking fresh and rejuvenated.


1) Using too many skin-care products

Your skin needs a break from those chemical-based skin-care products. Stop with the experimentation and only use what suits your skin. It is necessary for you to allow your skin to take some time off to start using a moderate amount of products that best suit your skin. Using scores of beauty creams and serums isn’t advisable, ladies. 


2) Pick whiteheads or blackheads

As tempting as it is, avoid touching your face and picking out those whiteheads and blackheads. Exfoliate your face, once a week which helps in getting rid of the blackheads. Use a natural face scrub that won’t cause too much dryness or harm your skin. Everyuth has a variety of natural products to offer for every skin type that ensure maximum benefits and zero side-effects.

3) Wash your face often

Even though your skin gets oily or sweaty, do not wash your face every hour. Doing that will only cause the skin to lose its natural oil and make it dry and dull. Cleanse your face thrice a day with a mild cleanser and you are good to go.

4) Smoke

Smoking is injurious to your health as well as your skin. Kick the butt if you are looking at having a natural and glowing skin. It can cause dehydration and lead to wrinkles and dullness. So quit smoking for a better you.

5) Dont Skip the sunscreen

One of the most important steps in your daily skin-care routine should be applying the sunscreen. As your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays all through the day, avoiding the sunscreen will be an irreversible mistake. Apart from the dryness, dullness, and loss of moisturization, it can also lead to skin cancer. So, do not forget to slap some high SPF sunscreen before you step out.

With the daily hullabaloo, it is easy to forget most of the skin-care steps, but these are some basic points to remember which can be followed easily. Stick to these steps for a flawless, naturally beautiful skin and thank us later.

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