Everyuth Naturals

Rejuvenating Flora Body Lotion

Everyuth Naturals Rejuvenating Flora Body Lotion

Who doesn't love soft nourished skin that is smooth and supple? Let the Rejuvenating Flora Body Lotion work its magic on your delicate skin. This non-sticky lotion is an amazing blend of delicate floral goodness with 100% natural Almond Milk.

Recomended For

All skin types


The goodness of natural ingredients for a flawless skin


Key benefits that the main ingredient has to offer

  • 1

    Benefit 1

    The fresh flowers help rejuvenate your senses while making the skin nourished and beautiful

  • 2

    Benefit 2

    100% Natural Almond Milk

  • 3

    Benefit 3

    24 hour long lasting moisturisation

  • 4

    Benefit 4

    Quick Absorption

  • 5

    Benefit 5

    Paraben free and Cruelty free

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