Peel Off Mask

A peel-off mask is a must have in any face care regime. Let's face it, it's not practically possible to visit the salon each time you want that radiant, glamorous skin. That's when a peel-off mask comes handy; it fixes your skin in a matter of minutes. Everyuth Naturals Peel-Off Mask deep cleanses and purifies your skin by taking off the dust, grime, excess oil, and toxins that lead to acne, blackheads, break-outs and other skin problems. So, on days when your skin feels dull and tired, pamper it with the Everyuth Natural Glow Orange Peel-Off Mask to restore its natural radiance, and keep it smooth and soft. For healthy, lustrous skin with a golden glow, we'd recommend you to use Everyuth Golden Glow Peel-Off mask. India's No 1 Peel Off Mask based on all India urban sales volume, surveyed by 'Kantar World Report'. YTD Dec 2023.