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  • Scrub

    Walnut Apricot Scrub

    Give your skin the nourishment it deserves. Use the Everyuth Naturals Hydrogel Walnut Apricot Scrub not just removes blackheads but provides moisturization to your skin too!

  • Scrub

    Neem Papaya Scrub

    New Everyuth Naturals Purifying and Exfoliating scrub is specially formulated with the goodness of Neem & Papaya to keep your skin problem free. Neem, well known for its purifying and antibacterial properties, helps kill problem-causing bacteria.

  • Scrub

    Walnut Scrub

    Who says smooth skin is tough to achieve? Scrub away the dead skin cells & blackheads with the goodness of walnut shell particles & Vitamin E. The exfoliating walnut scrub for face makes skin smoother so it feels velvety and beautiful!

  • Scrub

    Apricot Scrub

    Is your glow hiding under impurities and dirt? Scrub the dirt away with apricot extract and micro granules which gently scrubs away dead skin cells & makes your skin fresh, healthy and smooth. This apricot face scrub is a gentle exfoliating scrub that works for all skin types.

  • Walnut Apricot Scrub

    Key Benefits

    Removes blackheads and dead skin cells

  • Neem Papaya Scrub

    Key Benefits

    Gently scrubs away embedded impurities

  • Walnut Scrub

    Key Benefits

    Provides nourishment to the skin and gives fresh, clear and beautiful skin

  • Apricot Scrub

    Key Benefits

    Gives fresh, healthy smooth skin