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All your pore-related questions answered!

All your pore-related questions, answered!

Pores are an inseparable part of your skin. They are the passageway between the inside and outside of the body. Many of us have large pores that are easily visible to the naked eye and only layers of makeup can really hide these pores. Given the exposure of our skin daily to the harmful sun rays, pollution, dust, and grime, cleaning pores should be of utmost importance in your skincare routine. We are all set to arm you with all the information you need on skin pores and why it is essential to vacuum out the debris that has taken up residence in your skin.

What are pores?

For easy understanding, pores are the tiny openings that you see on your skin. They are the opening of the hair follicles and the ducts that carry sweat and oil from the glands. Open pores are the phenomenon that occurs when pores are large in size. The causes range from genetics, the size of the hair follicle, sun damage, age-related issues due to the reduced production of collagen, and others.

Are there different pore sizes?

Yes, there are different pore sizes and they depend on genetics.

Importance of cleaning out clogged pores

If left unchecked, your pores can play host to several bacteria, dead cells, sebum, and other bad guys. As the size of the pore increases to accommodate more of these, the pores become more visible. This can also lead to more skin-related issues. Clogged pores are the base of blackheads, whiteheads & acne. If the clog is removed, the pores go back to their normal size. Everyuth’s Exfoliating Walnut Scrub unclogs skin pores and gives you smooth and radiant skin.

How to clear pores?

If large pores are a recurring concern, exfoliation is your answer. Exfoliating the skin regularly with scrubs that aren’t very rough on the skin, can help in clearing the pores. When shopping for skincare products, look for those that are non-comedogenic. Comedogenic products tend to block your pores and cause increased oil production. You can also look for pore cleansers that best suit your skin. While there are plenty of options to remove the gunk from your pores, refrain from picking blackheads, whiteheads or zits.

Is there a way to get rid of pores?

There is no way of getting rid of pores because they are necessary for your skin. It isn’t even possible to reduce the number of pores a person has.

While we all struggle with different skin problems, it is best to keep our skin as healthy as possible with the right products. Understand your skin and don’t blindly follow beauty trends. You should know what best suits your skin!



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