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Best Face Pack for Fairness by Everyuth Naturals Best Face Pack for Fairness by Everyuth Naturals


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If the sun has left your skin a little more than just sun-kissed, here’s everything you need to know about treating and reversing those signs of sun damage. Firstly, what most of us don’t realize is that the sun’s rays tend to cause damage far beyond the skin's surface. 

The sun emits two very different kinds of sun rays – UVA and UVB, which affects your skin in very different ways.  The UVA rays penetrate deep into your skin’s layer and cause an immediate tanning effect, which more often than not accelerates the appearance of the various signs of ageing. UVB rays, on the other hand, impact the skin on the surface level by causing sunburns and discolouration and often plays a role in causing skin cancer. Using tan removal products and applying a high SPF sunblock would be the simplest way to protect and prevent your skin from sun damage.

The ore sun exposure we have, the earlier our skin starts ageing. Here are a few visible signs of sun-damaged skin –

Change in skin texture – The skin may start appearing dull, coarse and wrinkly due to repeated exposure to the sun.

Dark spots – An increase in direct exposure may lead to a rise in melanin production, which would gradually result in the appearance of dark blotches and spots all over the body.

Sun tan – Excessive sun exposure leads to skin darkening which is caused mainly due to an increase in melanin production.

Inflamed skin and sunburn – The outermost layer of the skin can sometimes turn red and cause pain, itching, and blisters due to direct sun exposure.

Over time, an increase in exposure to harmful sun rays can make our skin excessively tanned, less elastic and discoloured. A naturally formulated tan removal pack is a quick and easy way to successfully remove tan and revitalize the skin from within.

Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Pack acts as an instant and effective solution for tan removal from your face and body. Its powerful combination of chocolate and cherry is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. As a tan pack for face and body, it deeply detoxifies the skin and its luxurious blend of natural ingredients makes skin appear visibly brighter, fresher and rejuvenated.

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