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Skin tanning is more relevant in a country like India because of the harsh weather conditions. Tanning harms the skin not only from the outside but also has the possibility of causing various other skin disorders. While we cannot stop ourselves from stepping out of the house, we can definitely protect our skin by lathering a good amount of sunblock every time. However, if you have just come back from an amazing beach vacay and got some tan on you, here’s a quick tan removal guide you must read.

a) Lemon Juice & Honey: The magical combination of lemon juice and honey is proved to show instant results on skin tanning. While lemon is proven to remove melanin causing agents in our skin, honey nourishes and moisturizes our skin. Combine the two ingredients and apply the mixture twice a week to see an instant glow on your face.

b) Turmeric & Besan: Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory product that reduces scarring and besan exfoliates dead skin cells. Mix 2 tbsps. of gram flour with 1 tsp of turmeric and rose water, apply it on the face evenly and you will notice an effective change in your skin. Apply this mixture daily for best results.

c) Coconut Water and Sandalwood: Sandalwood is loaded with medicinal properties and coconut helps in detoxifying. Together, they make an affordable and effective tan removal pack. Mix 1 tbsp sandalwood powder with some coconut water and apply it on the face. All those sunburns can instantly be cured with this pack.

d) Everyuth’s Tan Removal Pack: Everyuth offers a tan removal pack that consists of a chocolate and cherry face pack as well as a scrub. The combination of chocolate and cherry is perfect for tan removal as both are rich in anti-oxidants, which is the best way to fight stubborn tan. The pack is light on the pocket and you can notice a visible change in the skin, after one use. With the use of natural products, there are zero side effects and you save the hassle of making a pack for yourself at home.

Everyuth’s tan removal pack is your one-stop-shop for tan removal. It helps protect the skin as well as maintain that flawless complexion. You no longer need to regret your beach vacation with your friends for all that tanning, because we got you covered. Give it a try and we bet, you will advise friends to use this product too.

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