Each skin type requires a different treatment. Those with oily skin need to take extra care of not over-moisturizing their skin and at the same time not making it too dry whereas those with dry skin need products that help them stay moisturized. However, there are two natural ingredients that serve to be the solution of almost all skin woes – Tulsi and Turmeric. Yes, you may have heard this before from your grandmother and probably ignored the advice, but these magical ingredients are extremely beneficial.

1) For Oily Skin –

Oily skin is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is almost like the best place for dirt and pollutants to rest. This along with sweat makes your skin feel sticky, yucky, and well, oily. Tulsi’s medicinal and refreshing properties help your skin remain nourished and at the same time reduce the oiliness, whereas turmeric’s antibacterial properties and the anti-oxidants help get rid of the bacteria.

2) For Acne-Prone Skin –

Acne-prone skin is extremely sensitive. It requires extra care and cannot be subject to a lot of skin treatments. This is the reason that it needs to be soothed down with natural ingredients that have multiple benefits. Tulsi with its medicinal properties and turmeric with its anti-bacterial properties, help calm down the skin and prevent it from rashes, acne, and any other skin problems.

3) For Acne Marks-

Everyone has struggled with acne at least once in their lifetime. If you are still facing issues with adult acne or even if it is just some stubborn acne scars or marks that refuse to give up, try our suggestion. Get Tulsi and Turmeric, the two magical ingredients in one concoction – Everyuth Naturals Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash. This one helps reduce and lighten scars, open pores, and all those left-over signs of teenage acne. Use the face wash daily and you will see clear, glowing skin.

4) For Combination Skin –

A combination skin always leaves you a bit confused. Certain parts of the face remain oily while the rest of it remains dry. Tulsi and Turmeric are best for this kind of skin as they tackle the problems of both, oily and dry skin. It will keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

5) All-in-One –

There is no other product that brings to you the benefits of prevention as well as cure. Tulsi and turmeric are two age-old ingredients that have been put together in one product and the outcome is nothing short of amazing. The Everyuth Natural Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash is your all-in-one product for all skin woes.

So, we say, instead of wasting efforts in preparing different face packs with the same ingredients, why not get your hands on one of the best face wash for pimples Everyuth’s Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash? It is clinically proven to act against pimples, marks, and leave you with glowing skin. What more could one ask for, right?


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