Make Up Routine Harm Your Skin

While you are busy watching makeup videos and experimenting with your looks, you shouldn’t ignore the harm makeup can do to your skin. Some of your makeup habits may actually be harming your skin in ways you may not be aware of. So, let’s stop ignoring our skin’s troubles and follow these steps to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer in the long run.

·       Not cleaning your brushes

Bacteria’s favourite place to settle and breed are your makeup brushes. They touch your skin regularly and this is the perfect recipe for any skin issues. To avoid all this drama, clean your makeup brushes often. We recommend cleaning them once a week with a gentle cleanser and thoroughly cleaning them once in a month. Avoid giving in to your laziness because there’s no use spending on skincare products if you can’t maintain hygiene.

·       Sharing beauty products

Obviously in the current situation, you wouldn’t want to share your beauty products even with close friends or family, however, even when things go back to normal, avoid doing that. From cold sores to eye infections, sharing your makeup can lead to a host of skin ailments. Avoid the hassle by sticking to your personal makeup stash.

·       Sleeping with your makeup on

Literally the WORST thing you could do to your skin. The sweat, dirt, oil and makeup combine and create a mess on your skin which cannot be cleaned if you let it stay the entire night. It all gets trapped in your pores and it gets more than difficult to get it all out. What you need to remove all that junk out is a natural face cleanser, make up remover and a product that nourishes your skin after a long day. Everyuth’s Micellar Cleanser is all that and more. The Micellar cleanser leaves your skin feeling fresh, cleansed and light.

Everyuth Micellar cleanser

·       Too many DIYs

Your skin is no guinea pig. Apple cider vinegar one night, a home-made scrub the next, all these home remedies are great if you give your skin time to catch its breath. If you are using a barrage of skincare ingredients that are acidic in nature, it is surely going to throw off your skin’s natural balance causing acne, inflammation and dryness.

·       Not letting your skin breathe

Makeup is a quick and easy way to cover up your skin’s flaws but layering your skin with heavy makeup every day is a big no. Cell turnover is important for Skin Rejuvenation. If your skin does not breathe, it is impossible for it to heal. Skip makeup every now and then. Believe us, your skin will thank you for it.

We aren’t asking you to completely let go of makeup, but it’s best to understand what your skin needs and figure out your skincare and makeup routine accordingly. 


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