When your skin looks dry and dull, you not only feel itchy but you constantly feel like carrying a big box of moisturizer wherever you go and dabbing it all through the day. But if you want some permanent solution to this skin issue, then we have you covered. Dry skin, if not taken care of, can lead to a number of skin-related problematic issues, so treat it while you can and stop ignoring it. It’s time to pamper your skin with some TLC. With the winters hitting in soon, here’s some extra-care and precaution that you shouldn’t miss out on.

1) Bath Time Rules

Ensure that your daily shower time is not too long. Well, we love those long hot-water baths, but give these a miss if you have dry skin. Hot water can dry the natural oils of the skin. So the next time, you feel like taking a hot water shower, instead opt for steam.

2) After Shower care

After the shower, never rub your body very roughly with a towel. Pat dry your body and face. This will help ensure that your skin remains soft and supple. Also, after you head out of the shower, make sure you apply good enough moisturizer and the one that suits your skin best.

3) The best moisture recipe

Make sure the moisturizing lotion you use has ingredients that are specially curated for dry skin. Because a moisturizer not only moisturizes your skin but also retains the skin’s natural oils. Dab the moisturizer on the most affected areas and you are good to go.

4) Anti – Aging no-no

Anti-aging products are a strict no for dry skin. If you are using them then make sure the product is free of retinoid. As retinoid is extremely irritating for dry skin and can cause irritation.

5) Home-made remedies

Home-made remedies are the best as they have zero side-effects. However, they may get a little troublesome if you are at work and have no time to pamper your skin. So, go for some of your basic kitchen ingredients that are best to cure dry skin, if you have enough time in your hands.

6) Pick the right Facewash

A good cleanser can solve almost all your skin issues. Make sure you pick one which is not overloaded with chemicals and instead is filled with natural fruits. Everyuth’s moisturizing fruit face wash contains extracts of apple which makes it the best face wash for dry skin. It helps your skin regain its lost moisture and makes it look glowing again.

7) The peel-off mask that does the magic

While most skincare specialists recommend otherwise, certain peel-off masks help moisturize the skin. Everyuth’s orange peel-off mask helps cleanse the skin’s dirt and grime and helps keep your skin soft and supple. The orange peel-off mask benefits are innumerable and moisturizing is just one of them.

8) Exfoliate

Exfoliation is needed, even for dry skin. Yes, you got that right. It is one of the most important steps in your skincare regimen and is required. Make sure you use a scrub that does not strip you of your natural oils and the one specially curated for dry skin. Exfoliate twice a week for good results.

9) Don’t forget your lips

We often forget to pamper our lips. After your shower, ensure you use a good lip balm that moisturizes your lips and maintain the moisture levels.

10) Sunscreen

Skin’s exposure to the sun can lead to increased dryness and dullness. Use sunscreen, every time you step out of the house and make sure it has a high level of SPF. This will protect your skin from going through further damage and protect it.

Follow these 10 tips for dry and dull skin and we are sure, you are ready to flaunt a glowing and fresh skin.


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