Flawless, radiant skin is the dream of every woman. The world today is full of pollution and our skin is constantly facing a harsh environment. So, it is only obvious that we pamper our skin every now and then. A rejuvenated and revitalized skin gives you that extra dose of confidence which lets you feel good from within. So, here are some easy home-made remedies for the best skincare.

1) Apricot

Apricots are rich in vitamins and make an ideal rejuvenating agent. Soak 4-5 apricots in water and allow them to swell up. Prepare a smooth mixture with the pulp and add honey, almond oil, lemon juice, and apply this on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water to reveal a shining skin.

2) Papaya

Mash 2 tsp of papaya pulp and apply it on the skin in a circular motion. Let is stay on your face for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Papaya is a natural scrub that helps remove the harmful toxins from the skin’s surface.

3) Orange Peels

Grate the orange peel and dry it in the sun. Prepare a mixture by mixing 1 tsp dried citrus peel, with 2 tsp gram flour and 1 tsp milk. The vitamin c of orange peels is great for glowing skin, so if you want an instant refreshing look, here’s what you have to do.

4) Cucumber & Aloe Vera Pack

Cucumber is great for oily skin. It helps calm reddening and cools the skin too. Everyuth’s cucumber & aloe vera face pack is a great way to refresh your skin. A perfect mix of cucumber and aloe vera, this is the best way to get a glowing and refreshing look in this weather. A face pack with cucumber and aloe vera is just what you need in the summers for the maximum benefits.

5) Banana Mash

Bid adieu to blemishes with bananas. It helps in the suppleness of the skin and makes it healthy as well. Add about 2 tsp of honey to banana mash and prepare a face pack. Apply this on your face for about 10 minutes and wash it off.

6) Tomatoes

Great anti-oxidants, tomatoes are great for your skin, internally as well as externally. Mix 3 tsp of tomato juice with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Make a smooth paste. Tomatoes help cleanse your skin and also make it look refreshing.

7) Oatmeal

Want to go natural as you exfoliate? Oatmeal is a great anti-inflammatory agent and helps in skin lightening as well as fight acne. Prepare a mixture by mixing oatmeal, water, and honey. Apply this on your face for some time and wash it off.

8) Yogurt

Homemade yogurt can do wonders for the skin. It helps in skin hydration and keeps your skin stay moisturized. Prepare a smooth paste by mixing yogurt, turmeric powder, and gram flour. Apply it on your face and wash it with cold water. This helps in cleansing the skin as well as tightens the pores.

9) Milk powder

Mix milk powder with lemon juice and honey and apply it on the face twice a week. The milk powder helps lighten the skin, honey helps in hydration and lemon juice cleanses it. This is one of the best face packs that helps keep the skin healthy.

10) Eggs

Your skin needs proteins too. Prepare a thin mixture by mixing egg white and Multani mitti. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and follow it with a moisturizer. It provides a facelift and helps tightens pores as well.

These are some of the best home-care remedies for rejuvenating the skin. Try some of these as per your skin type and let us know how they did for you, in the comments below.


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