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Face mask for glowing skin Face mask for glowing skin


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Chances are you have raided beauty aisles left, right and center for affordable options and returned home empty handed and confused. But before you pack up and make peace with your skin’s current condition, check out these simple affordable skincare choices that can help you keep your complexion clear, despite late night cheat meals and increasing stress levels. Here are three skincare must-haves to keep you looking your best on campus this year -

Hydrating face wash

Who says you need to spend big bucks to get clear complexion? A product as simple as a face wash can do the trick. All you need is the right set of ingredients for your skin type, and you’ll be flaunting clear skin in no time. We recommend the Everyuth Naturals face wash range that has been specifically formulated to address multiple skin concerns. Enriched with natural goodness, the face washes can take care of the following - 

Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash - Pretty much all you need to take care of your acne concerns.

Lemon Face Wash - Hands down the best natural face wash for oily skin and combination skin type. 

Fruit Face Wash - Apple extracts revitalize skin with instant hydration and suppleness, making it the best face wash for normal skin and dry skin type. 

Neem Face Wash - A purifying solution to keep bacterial infections and trapped impurities at bay. 

Nourishing moisturizer 

It is imperative to replenish your skin with moisture and hydration that it might have lost after cleansing. Also, thanks to the erratic temperatures on campus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control your skin’s behaviour. What you need is a constant source of hydration that keeps your skin nourished and balanced at all times, so that it is neither too dry to be flaking nor too oily to cause acne. A good moisturizer also leaves you with a healthy glow that comes in super handy on days when you want to skip heavy makeup and highlighters. So, remember to moisturize your skin after cleansing, for truly beautiful skin. 

Embrace peel off masks

A secret tool for beautifully glowing skin, peel off masks can be your skin’s best friend easily. It peels away dead skin cells and dullness, smoothing the texture of your skin. Peel off Masks are a great way to get instantly clear and glowing skin, perfect to carry around in your backpack.  Packed with deep cleansing and rejuvenating natural ingredients, we recommend using the peel off mask range by Everyuth Naturals - 

Golden Glow Peel Off Mask - A shortcut to bright skin in 15 minutes, this face mask for glowing skin is formulated with 24 Karat gold collagenine boosters and orange peel extracts, known for their skin lightening and deep cleansing properties. 

Orange Peel Off Mask - Recommended for all skin types, this is the best peel off mask for youngsters as it is loaded with orange peel extracts and nano multi-vita that peels away grime and bacteria, leaving your skin revitalized and radiant.

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