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Orange is an evergreen fruit that serves its benefits in every shape and form. Each part of the fruit, especially the peel is packed with nutrients that will bring out a healthy, glowing skin. It serves as a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid that stimulates blood circulation and leads to the production of collagen.

The best way to use an orange for your skin is in the form of a peel-off mask. Its zesty goodness cleanses, exfoliates and brightens your skin without leaving it dry or stretchy. The numerous orange peel-off mask benefits can completely transform your skin.

Here are 6 enhancing qualities of oranges that make it a perfect fit in your beauty regimen –

Lightens blemishes and dark spots:

Oranges are excellent bleaching agents that naturally lighten your skin tone by targeting blemishes, dark spots and acne scars. The high content of Vitamin C lessens the effects of suntans and pigmentation.

Improves skin texture:

The antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory properties of oranges helps fight free radicals and prevent the premature signs of aging. It improves the skin’s texture by tightening pores as well as fading wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin firmness and elasticity, thus making it appear much younger and supple.

Exfoliates skin:

Orange is a natural exfoliator and contains active enzymes that help purify the skin from deep within. It helps get rid of dead skin cells, surface impurities, trapped foreign material, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Treats acne:

Oranges carry anti-microbial properties that treat acne effectively. Its astringent nature shrinks enlarged pores and prevents clogging, thereby not allowing any surface impurities to enter the pores and cause breakouts.

Treats oily skin:

The multi-tasking nature of oranges suits all skin types, especially oily skin. Its acidic property helps get rid of excess oil without stripping the skin off its natural moisture and also restoring its health and vitality.

Naturally glowing skin:

Because of its skin lightening properties, oranges are the best ingredient to add to any skincare product. It hydrates and revitalizes skin while leaving it with a soft, dewy glow. Glowing skin is one of the most impactful benefits of a peel-off mask as the goodness of oranges can draw out the impurities from your skin and leave it with a naturally healthy radiance.

Everyuth Naturals Orange Peel Off Mask is the best peel off mask in India as it has been specially formulated for the Indian skin type. It is a simple, easy and instant way of achieving healthy-looking without compromising on a salon-like glowing skin. 

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