Do you find yourself constantly scratching your skin during winter months, only to find white flaky lines? Then, you’re not alone. The cold air and low humidity during this time makes skin dry. What you need is compensation for the lost moisture and suppleness; else you’ll soon find your skin turning red, itchy and cracked. 

To ensure you’re not constantly scratching your dry skin all winter, here are 5 winter skincare hacks that can help you get healthy, replenished skin in no time –

Use gentler products

It is time you review your winter care products.  Switching to gentler products that do not contain too many chemicals has become more essential than ever. A naturally formulated skincare product is the best bet. Chemical-heavy products and artificial fragrances can be harsh on your skin, resulting in stripping off its natural moisture.

Change your moisturizer and use it often

If you’ve been using a moisturizer that promises nourished skin for up to a certain number of hours and you don’t see the results, it is time to toss it in the bin. A moisturizer formulated using natural ingredients gets absorbed quickly, keeping the skin hydrated for longer hours. In addition to that, re-application is a must. 

During the winter months, your skin needs an added boost of hydration and the Everyuth Naturals Winter Care Cream does the job perfectly. This moisturizing cream for dry skin is formulated with a unique combination of cocoa butter, wheat germ oil and almond oil, perfect to replenish and maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels for up to 24 hours. 

Exfoliate, but don't push it 

You must have heard from many beauty bloggers and makeup artists about exfoliating during winter months – it is a thorough necessity. Getting rid of the flaking skin and dead skin cells is an absolute must in order to promote new cell growth. However, it is also important to note that you don’t over-exfoliate, as that might cause further damage to your skin and strip it off its natural oils as well. 

Avoid hot showers 

As soothing as it may sound on a cold winter morning, hot showers work the opposite way for your skin’s hydration level. Excessively hot water can sack your skin off its moisture, which is how you will end up with cracked and stretchy skin. Lukewarm water is ideal for showers, and make sure you moisturize after it in order to avoid your skin from cracking. 

Stay away from the winter sun

Just because the sun isn’t right over your head or there is a cool winter breeze, it does not mean that the sun cannot damage your skin. A winter tan is a very common skin concern. So, don’t forget to slather some sunscreen before you head out and try to cover exposed skin to avoid pigmentation. This just might be the best excuse to dig up those buried scarves and gloves!

We know winter weather is no fun for your skin and it can leave you roaming around all day looking for ways to replenish it, however, there is an easy way to tackle it. All you need is a few lifestyle changes to ensure you’re not making your skin conditions worse. Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort with this easy-to-do list of winter skincare hacks, which is a good head start for healthy, hydrated skin!



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