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If you thought your favorite celebrity’s lengthy skincare regime was a bit of an overkill, then you’re probably right. Your skin doesn’t need layers and layers of products to look strikingly flawless. All it needs is some regular care (that you’re probably not giving it) in the form of a good, skin-suitable cleanser. 

Well, it probably might not make you look like your favourite celebrity, but it is still a good start. 

As you go about your day, your face picks up all sorts of gunk, including bacteria, dust, and the oil that your skin naturally produces. All of these eventually settle in your pores and all over your skin’s surface. The purpose of ‘cleansing’ is to essentially get rid of that clogged gunk because backed-up pores are where all the skin troubles begin. 

To make sure you don’t have to go out of your way to find a suitable cleanser for your skin type, we recommend using the Everyuth Naturals Fruit Face Wash, formulated with the goodness of apple extracts. Besides extracting trapped impurities and cleansing skin surface, the natural formulation of the Everyuth Fruit Face Wash helps regain essential nutrients and moisture that might have been lost due to the harshness of the environment around you.

Although the face wash is perfectly suitable for all skin types, the presence of apple extracts makes it especially great for dry skin. It helps in revitalizing dry skin by providing it with intense moisture and restoring its lost vitality. What we love about this fruit face wash is that it helps the skin feel fresh and renewed instantly, without feeling heavy on the skin. Use it at least twice a day for a glowing result, once in the morning and once before you hit the bed. Its natural formulation makes it an ideal face wash for dry skin.

The secret to great skin is a healthy base. Treat your skin with utmost care with the help of the natural ingredients found in this face wash. Skip the elaborate skincare regime and stick to the basics, as it is the best way to ensure your skin is not only bright and radiant, but also healthy.


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