The chilly winter winds can truly wreak havoc on your skin, stripping the natural moisture. What you need is simple moisture-rich care to keep your skin naturally hydrated and replenished in the last few weeks of winter. Here are 5 ways you can protect your skin this winter –

Gentle exfoliation is a must (however, lay off intense scrubbing)

We exfoliate more during the winter months in the hope that intense exfoliation will improve our skin’s texture, however, this is a backfiring move. As a result of over-scrubbing, your skin dehydrates faster and loses its essential oils. Stick to exfoliating your skin twice a week, gently. 

Invest in a hydrating cleanser

A good, skin suitable cleanser is also one of the few essential winter care products. Since dry and scraggly skin can get uncomfortable, a hydrating cleanser is a good way to give your skin a refreshing pep start. Start and close your day with a much-needed boost of hydration during the end of winter.

Don’t ignore your lips

You might not notice that your lips need care until they’re chapped and cracked. It’s so easy to forget that your lips too need a generous dose of moisture during the winter months. Use an intensely hydrating lip balm in the morning and evening, so that your lips are always plump and nourished.

Remember, sunscreen is for all seasons

Hold on, don’t store away your sunscreen already, the sun hasn’t taken a winter break. For the last few weeks of winter, consider switching your regular SPF for a more moisture-rich sunscreen. Although, re-application will not be as frequent as it is in the summer months, don’t skip sunscreen entirely.

Try to stay warm, not burning hot

Cooler months can make you want to stay hot all the time, it’s obvious. However, it’s best if you try to stay warm instead. This is because hot temperatures strip your skin off its natural moisture and turn it drier than usual. Which is why, this winter, stick to warm showers and not hot ones!

Tip: Upgrade your winter care routine to provide intense moisture

Your skin produces less oil during the winter months, making it appear excessively dry. What you need is a heavily nourished moisturizer that provides intense hydration for long hours. We love the Everyuth Naturals Winter Care Cream, enriched with the unique combination of cocoa butter, wheat germ oil and almond oil. Its natural formulation helps replenish your skin’s natural oils, giving you a soft, smooth and non-greasy look.

The last few weeks of winter may not be as intense, but surely require attention with respect to skincare. Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished is the least you can do for its health during winters. Give it the right set of ingredients, to maintain a radiant winter glow.



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