It is safe to say that going to college is a different ball game altogether for your skin – late night group studies, binging on junk food and of course the parties, can uproot your overall schedule. If you’re not entirely careful with how you take care of your skin, the healthy glowing complexion that you’d come with will no longer appear the same. We know it could be super taxing to stick to a routine during college time, but here are a few no-brainer skincare hacks that can help you look after that healthy glow – 

Sunscreen is not optional 

Doesn’t matter how good or troublesome your skin is or what skin type you have, applying sunscreen is not an optional step in a skincare routine. Since broad spectrum SPF shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays and provides overall protection, you should never leave the house without it. The increasing pollution levels and sun exposure has harmed our skin enough already, so don’t forget to lather some on before you step out for that coffee-run. 

Moisturize every single day 

Just like sunscreen, this step cannot be skipped either. A good moisturizer will lock in hydration and keep your skin plump and even toned for the rest of the day. It in fact creates a solid base for the rest of the products to follow. Just be sure to pick a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and does not make you look greasy. 

Exfoliate at least twice a week

A skincare hack most of us skip when we’re running late for college. One to two times a week and you will start noticing the difference in your skin’s overall texture. Most skin troubles take place due to lack of hydration and optimum skin protection, dullness and tanning. Using a facial scrub regularly will help you slough away dead skin cells that act as a major skin barrier. All you need is a good set of naturally detoxifying tan removal products

If this seems like too much of a task during college days, we have a handy fix for you – Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Scrub is a skin brightening formulation of vitamin-rich cherry and detoxifying chocolate that gently washes away tanned dead skin cells to uncover skin’s natural brightness. Pop it in your bag and use it anywhere you like, just be consistent with it. Follow it up with Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Pack and notice the change in your complexion within no time. 

That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Over and above everything, don’t forget to always remove your makeup before bed, start and end your day with a cleansed fresh face, drink tons of water and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night (we know it can be difficult with all the parties!)


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