What simply started with gulaal and a bucket of water has slowly turned into a full-fledged colorful and vibrant festival of colors, music, rain showers, and the infamous thandai. As much as we love everything about this exciting festival of colors, we cannot take away the reality of the after-effects that the synthetic colors and pigments leave on our skin.

Not only do they cause discomfort to the skin’s texture, but also makes it appear dull, dry and lifeless. Now, we’re not saying you should not play Holi, but a little post-Holi care wouldn’t hurt. To make sure your skin snaps back to its original form, follow these 3 simple steps after a fun afternoon of playing Holi –

Clean up, the right way

To begin with, choose to take a shower with cold water instead of hot water. This is to ensure that the colors come off easily, without any sort of unnecessary scrubbing. Lukewarm water makes it difficult to take off the color. Cold water on the other hand closes your pores and helps the color come off with ease.

Opt for chemical-free cleansers

You’ve had your dose of chemicals, now it’s time to set it aside. Pick a face and body cleanser that is naturally formulated so that your skin gets some real nourishment. Everyuth Naturals carries a diverse range of naturally formulated cleansers that are exceptionally soothing and suitable for all skin types.

Face masks to the rescue

Now that your skin is free from all the surface color, it’s time for some deep cleansing. You can choose to go with any sort of face mask, but in our experience, a peel off mask works the best. Opt for a naturally skin brightening ingredient such as orange to do its trick. Among the many benefits of oranges, it is known for its skin revitalizing properties, which is particularly great for post-Holi skincare. Try the Everyuth Orange Peel Off Mask for its unique triple action formulation, which deeply cleanses pores, and leaves your skin feeling radiant and thoroughly cleansed.

Now that your skin has survived the war of battling Holi colors and excessive sun exposure, it deserves some real TLC in the form of natural nourishment. These three simple steps can help reverse all damages caused by Holi colors and give your skin some much-needed moisturization. So, go ahead and have a Happy Holi!



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