While the pandemic has taught us the importance of our mental and physical health, it has also taught us the impact that humans have on the environment. The lockdown has made us realize how the products we consume and the lifestyle we lead play a direct role in affecting Mother Nature. This change in buying behaviour has been noticed by many and this is how conscious consumerism has gained momentum.

With social behaviour at its core, conscious consumerism is when your buying patterns are affected by the impact the products may cause – socially, economically, and environmentally. If you think twice about the packaging of the product you use, if the product is ethically sourced, if you believe that less is more, you are a truly conscious consumer. 

Everyuth’s natural skincare products like the aloe vera and cucumber gel, natural face wash, and fruit face pack are made of all-natural ingredients that do not harm the environment and are cruelty-free.

Climate change, global warming, and the gross impacts of production are coming to the forefront thanks to social media. With transparency being the new norm, brands are now forced to cater to the demands of the conscious consumer. Local labels across the country are now manufacturing products that are steeped in natural and fresh ingredients.

The minimalist–less is more approach where there is no wastage and packaging is easily recyclable has been adopted by many and is picking uptrend even on social media. Conscious consumerism is a moment that begins with you and even though many believe that these baby steps may not benefit in the larger picture, however, this picture has evolved and changed beautifully. Just by being aware, a group of conscious consumers can change the way industries are manufacturing products and deciding on the packaging.

With sustainable choices available, consumers are inclined to buy products that come from natural ingredients as they also have more benefits and lesser reactions or side effects. Conscious consumerism may not have created an impact in all households, however, the change begins with us. So, here’s to a better future with products that find their roots in Mother Nature.


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