It’s International Day of Happiness and we are here to tell you that staying happy is simple. It’s not rocket science. It’s all about finding happiness in the little things. So, today, take a breather, pause and think about what makes you happy.  This International Day of Happiness, let’s spend a little time understanding what makes us happy and do a little something for yourself. These simple pick-me-ups are sure to cheer you up and as long as it brings a smile to your face, there’s no harm trying, right?

●  Pick Up a Hobby

We’ve lost count about the number of excuses we have given others and to ourselves about how we don’t have enough time to do what we love. If you have been wanting to pick that paint brush lying around your room since a while or want to learn how to cook, do it now. Take some time out of your daily routine and pick up a hobby that you have been wanting to learn.

●  Self-Care – Pamper Sesh

2020 has taught us the importance of self-care. Loving and pampering yourself is so underrated in today’s fast-paced life. Today, go ahead and get your skincare routine on point. Cleanse your face, use a toner, apply a peel-off mask, moisturize and understand your skin’s needs. Pamper your skin with natural skincare products for glowing skin that are nourishing and enriched with goodness. A pamper session doesn’t need to be done at a salon where you end up raking up your bill to a humongous amount.

A good facial can be done at home too. Everyuth’s orange peel off mask is one of the best peel off masks for glowing skin and can easily replace your salon facials.

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Everyuth Naturals Orange Peel Off Mask

●  Cheat Meal

This one day, do what your heart says. If you follow a healthy diet through the week and exercise regularly, there is no harm in cheating today. Order in those fries you have been craving for just indulge in a home-cooked soul food with a yummy dessert. And, don’t regret it. Not even a bit.

●  Catch Up with Friends

Your busy work life leaves little or no time for your friends. It has been a long time since you caught up with each other, without worrying about the time. Give yourself that levy and go call that friend who you have been thinking about but not had a chance to call.

●  Do What Makes You Happy

Lastly, do what makes your soul happy. Amping up your happiness quotient isn’t given much importance, but it’s time to give it its due. And let’s not forget that a happy you, reflect on your skin. So if you want that perfect, glowing skin, don’t worry and be happy.

It is essential to keep doing the things that make you happy. This International Day of Happiness, claim time from yourself, for yourself, and make it a Happy Day.


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