One of the most pertinent questions about winter skincare involves whether we should apply sunscreen lotion even during dark, gloomy days. While protection from the sun is extremely crucial, is it really necessary on days when the sun does not really come out? Why should we layer our skin with more lotions if we can just avoid it and skip a step? Here’s all that you need to know about sunscreen body lotion SPF 50.

A sunscreen lotion SPF 50 for the face is a skincare product that you just cannot think of living without in the summers. However, as soon as the chilly weather sets in, we tend to avoid the SPF. Let’s jump right in and answer whether we really need this essential skincare product. It’s a straight yes. While we associate a sunblock lotion with the sun’s damaging rays, it’s important to understand that the sun comes out even in the cold. UVA rays can penetrate through clouds too, so whether it is cloudy or sunny, there is no escaping a natural sunscreen lotion.

Can you get sunburnt in the winter? 

Just like sun damage, sunburn isn’t limited only to the summers. The sun’s UVB rays can affect you all year round. You may notice that the effects of the sun are lesser during the winters than the summers but that is primarily because there’s often less exposed skin due to layering. But that does not mean that you can protect yourself from sunburn. One of the biggest benefits of sunscreen remains that it will help you stay protected from any sunburns. 

How to Protect Your Skin During the Winter?

·  Layering to the Rescue:

The winter chills force you to opt for layering your clothes. The covering of your skin from head to toe to keep yourself warm indirectly also helps to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. So, layering is definitely a double-whammy.

·  Don’t Skip the SPF:

Everyuth Naturals Sun Block Lotion SPF 50

As discussed earlier, skipping the sunscreen is a big no. Everyuth’s sunblock lotion with SPF 50 packed with cherry extracts offers the perfect protection against the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. It protects your skin from premature ageing, dark spots, fine lines and any other sun damage. Moreover, it is a great sunscreen lotion for oily skin owing to its non-sticky formula.

·  Apply a Body Lotion with SPF:

Everyuth Naturals Sun Care Berries Body Lotion SPF 50

If you are running short on time or are just plain bored to take the extra effort of layering your skin with a moisturizer and an SPF, we have the perfect skincare product for you. Everyuth’s sun care berries body lotion with SPF not only protects your skin but also offers hydration. So, get your hands on this handy product for those lazy days.

We hope this interesting read will help your skin get the perfect SPF protection against the sun this time around. Just remember: whether it is gloomy or bright, sunblock is the basic skincare essential.

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