Women Using Scrub for Exfoliating Skin

If you think you have your skincare routine covered with the regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine? We are here to burst your bubble. The first step to a healthy skincare routine is to understand your skin type and what it needs. Next up, you can’t miss the necessary steps of CTM + regular exfoliation. For those of you who have been dreaming about that silky, smooth skin and don’t know where you are going wrong, here’s what you should know.

·      What is exfoliation?

Before you rush to your trusted beauty shop and begin to spend your hard-earned money, let’s get to the basics. What is this essential step that we are missing out on in our face care routine? It’s exfoliation. Dead skin cells accumulating on the surface of your skin, causing a build-up and interfering with your skin’s light reflecting capability. This makes the skin look dull and lackluster. If you have always been wondering how to remove dead cells from the face, then the answer is exfoliation. This step oxygenates your skin, softening it and stimulating the regeneration of cells.

Exfoliation Guide

Fact vs Fiction

  • Fiction: You only need to exfoliate once in a few months
  • Fact : To keep your skin free from dead skin cells and clogged pores it’s best to exfoliate at least twice a week.
  • Fiction: You should only use an exfoliator for face in the summer
  • Fact: Dead skin cells and pollution can build up on your skin all-round the year. The key to soft and luminous skin is to exfoliate at least twice a week and remove the face’s dead skin cells.
  • Fiction: You can use the same scrub for the face and the body.
  • Fact: Absolutely not! Facial skin is more delicate and thinner than the rest of the body. It needs a more finely ground exfoliating face scrub to be more effective without causing any redness or irritation.
  • Fiction: Only chemical peels do the magic of exfoliation.
  • Fact: Exfoliation is a process that requires the removal of dead skin cells, blackheads, and dirt. The best exfoliators are those that do this without irritating the skin. Everyuth’s Walnut Face Scrub is enriched with natural Walnut shell particles and Vitamin E. It does the magic of exfoliation without causing any irritation leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.
Exfoliating Walnut Scurb

Exfoliation is an integral part of a healthy skin care regimen. Your ordinary skincare routine may not give you the skin of your dreams. So it’s time to bid farewell to the dead skin cells, dirt and grime, and welcome baby soft skin.


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