Peel off mask

Skincare not only proves to help us feel better superficially but also helps our mental wellbeing. The calming effect of living in the now and paying attention to our skin’s needs is something that we have always longed for and now we can make the most of it. While visiting a salon and getting a facial done is one of the options we always have, however, nothing feels better than enjoying some me-time at home. It not only gives you enough time to do something else while your mask works its magic on the skin but also saves up on time and money of making a trip to the salon.  

While we follow our daily skincare routine, many times we realize that our skin continues to look dull and lifeless. This can be a result of many external factors like pollution, sun damage or even lack of skin nourishment. Everyuth’s peel off masks are the perfect quick fix to this woe. 

Golden Glow Peel Off Mask:

Packed with 24 karat gold collagen boosters and natural orange peel extracts, this is the best peel off mask for glowing skin. It peels off dead skin cells, blackheads and extra oil from the skin’s surface revealing your skin’s natural glow. The mask lends your face a golden hue in just a matter of 15 minutes. So, while you are busy figuring out what to watch next on Netflix, the peel off mask works its magic on your skin. 

Orange Peel Off Mask:

The orange peel off mask is super rich in vitamins which means your skin will get nourished while the mask works on getting rid of dull skin. It peels away any dirt, grime, or bacteria and cleanses your pores from within thereby making it the best peel off mask for oily skin. The vitamin-rich mask leaves your skin feeling young, radiant, and revitalized in only 15 minutes. 

While both these peel off masks are great for your skin, certain questions surround the use of these natural skincare products.

Can I use a peel off mask every day?

A peel off mask gets rid of dull skin and works on giving your skin a glow. You can use the mask once a week for best results as your skin does not need this exercise daily. 

What should I do after using a peel off mask?

After removing the mask, you can gently massage the serum from the mask on your skin. Use a moisturizer to wrap up as this will ensure your skin is not dehydrated. 

How long should I leave the peel off mask on the face?

Everyuth’s peel off masks work their magic in just 15 minutes and don’t need any longer for the job to be done. 

The Golden Glow peel off mask and the orange peel off mask are both great for all skin types. Get your hands on these products for glowing skin. If you have any other questions about face masks or anything skincare, do drop in your queries in the comments section below. 


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