The best breeding ground for acne is oily skin. During the monsoons, we all suffer from oily skin, due to the increased humidity. No matter how hard you try, these painful zits do a comeback in this season. It’s difficult to avoid these annoying little pimples that show up on your face only when you have a very special day planned. But worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tried and tested tricks that should help you get rid of acne.

The prickly summer heat may have come to an end but the rains bring along with them skin infections, fungal infections and a lot more that can have ugly effects on the skin. The humidity increases thus resulting in the increase of the oiliness of our skin. The bacteria in the air gets easily attracted to oily skin and what you end up with is a face full of zits.

a) Do not over-wash your face:

Even though you feel sticky and oily, keep the washing to the minimal. Excess washing leads to over-drying of skin and ultimately leads to more pimples. The change in weather will lead to patches of dry skin. Use a natural cleanser that suits your skin’s needs the best.

b) Use a face-wash that is specially made for acne-prone skin:

Everyuth Natural’s Tulsi & Turmeric Face Wash is specifically made for sensitive skin that is acne prone. The benefits of these natural ingredients help your skin fight the bacteria. While Tulsi’s anti-inflammatory properties help you wash away the impurities, the enriching qualities of Turmeric help recover your skin from the various issues.

c) Eat a balanced diet:

Make sure your diet includes the right amount of veggies and fruits, which help nourish your body as well as skin. During the monsoon, the body has to deal with the change from the scorching heat to the sudden fall in temperature and the humid environment. While everyone craves junk and fried food, try and include the right nutrition in your diet with fresh veggies and fruits that are available in the season.

d) Go easy on exfoliation:

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, but if your skin is acne-prone then go easy on this one. Yes, exfoliation is extremely important and is an integral part of your weekly skin-care routine, but if you are suffering from sensitive skin that is already facing the side effects of the change in weather, you must give exfoliation some break. If your weekly routine requires you to exfoliate your skin twice in a week, bring it down to once or once in two weeks.

e) Avoid touching your face or squeezing those zits:

As much as we want to get rid of those annoying pimples, DO NOT touch them. The acne bacteria are contagious and take no time in spreading out. So, give your skin a break and let it recover on its own.

You skin requires pampering and care. Products that boast of natural ingredients are the best way for your skin to recover from the current season that is full of humidity. They do the magic of making your skin look absolutely refreshing and clear without any side-effects. The Everyuth Face Wash brings together the combined qualities of Tulsi and Turmeric which are proven to fight the acne-causing bacteria. So, let these ingredients work their magic on your face and get ready to face the world with confidence, without those annoying little pimples.


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