do’s and don’ts to a flawless skin during monsoon

Making your skin look gorgeous during the monsoon is not easy. There are a number of precautions to be taken which you cannot afford to skip. Even though you must be ready with your monsoon skincare routine, there’s still some way in which nature’s tantrums create havoc on our skin. With these simple skin care tips for the rainy season, you can definitely make your life easy and skin look fresh.


Deep cleansing is a must

monsoon do's for skin - cleansingAll the gunk and stickiness are sure to take away your skin’s natural glow and make it look dull. Beat the gloomy weather and lifeless skin with a good foaming face wash rather than a creamy one. These are good to remove sweat, oil, and any stubborn make-up.

Using the Right moisturizer is everything

monsoon do's for skin - moisturizing

The humidity may make you want to stay away from a moisturizer, but humidity actually leaves your skin dehydrated. Pick a lightweight moisturizer that won’t weigh down your skin. Choose gel-based formulas that offer oil-free hydration

Scrub away the oiliness

monsoon do's for skin - exfoliation

One of the most important monsoon skincare products is a face scrub. Exfoliation with a good face scrub helps get rid of dead skin cells and all the dirt from your face which if not cleaned can clog your pores.

Keep bacteria at bay

monsoon do's for skin - stay away from bacteriaIt is the season of falling prey to several infections like fungal skin infections and bacterial skin infections. To protect your skin from any such infections, clean your face twice a day, and thoroughly clean your feet and hands if you have been out in the rain.


Avoid hot water showers

monsoon don'ts for skin - no hot water showers

As much as you would enjoy those long, hot water showers in this season, avoid them. The hot water makes the skin dry and dehydrates it completely. Try and use lukewarm water.

Avoid bleaches

monsoon don'ts for skin - no bleaching

Facials and bleach should be avoided or the frequency should be reduced during the monsoon as it leaves the skin feeling rough instead of repairing it.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

monsoon don'ts for skin - do not skip sunscreen

Yes, it’s raining and it’s cloudy but that does not mean your skin won’t get damaged by the sun’s rays. A sunblock should be applied regularly. A good sun protection cream with a minimum of SPF 30 should be your go-to product during the rains.

Don’t forget to clean your make-up off

monsoon don'ts for skin - clean you makeup

With the humidity and a full day’s make-up your skin can hardly breathe, so no matter how lazy you feel do not skip removing your make-up.

Once you adhere to these simple and basic rules of skincare your skin is sure to love you more and look radiant and fresh all the time.


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