It is safe to say that our current lifestyles require some real TLC. We’ve been bombarding our skin with lengthy routines that require multiple products, most of which are formulated with chemicals, toxins and synthetic materials.

What our skin truly needs is a regular dose of nutrients and natural ingredients. One reliable source of natural nourishment is fruits. Not only can you trust fruits to work well with all skin types, but they also benefit your skin from within. The use of fruit extracts in skincare products has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years, thanks to its ability to enrich our skin with vital nutrients.

A quick and trusting way to include fruits in your skincare routine is in the form of an everyday cleanser. However, finding the perfect everyday face wash is probably not as easy as you think. Amidst a myriad of choices available out there, it could often get confusing. So, here’s an easy solution for those of you looking for a mild yet power packed everyday face wash – we recommend the Everyuth Naturals Lemon & Cherry Face Wash for the following reasons –

  • It is formulated with Vitamin C rich Lemon and brightening Cherry extracts that give your skin a perfect zesty boost every morning.

  • The lemon extracts wash away excess oil without leaving your skin dry or stretchy.

  • Since both lemon and cherry are great for skin brightening, it also fights tan and overall skin darkening.

  • It is perfectly suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • With regular use, skin starts appearing bright and fresh and remains oil-free for hours.

For the times when you want a deeper cleanse, pair this Lemon & Cherry Face wash with the Everyuth Naturals Tan Removal Scrub (formulated with chocolate and cherry extracts) and follow it up with your choice of Everyuth Naturals face packs (enriched with different fruits for different skin concerns)

Now is a good time to switch to naturally formulated skin products that do not strip your skin off its moisture and plumpness. Our skin absorbs approximately 60% of what we put on it, so you better not be feeding it toxins. Treat yourself with some natural skin-loving goodness with Everyuth nurturing products that are carefully formulated to give you the best and most enriching combination of natural ingredients. One easy swap to nutrient-rich ingredients and you’ll be doing your skin the biggest favor!



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