The internet is abuzz about hand washing and using hand sanitizers frequently. With the COVID-19 outbreak, almost all influencers & celebrities are posting videos on social media about how it is mandatory to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to effectively curb the spread of germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even shared the hack of how you should be washing hands till you complete humming the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice. While we are warding off the illness by scrubbing our hands and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, we are also exposed to several dry skin issues due to this. So, without further ado, here are 5 remedies for dry hands that you can make use of, while social distancing.

Lotions, Hand Creams & Ointments

Lotions, moisturizers & ointments are all skin conditioners. Lotions are more water-heavy, ointments are mostly oil and moisturizers are a mix of both. Your best pick is hand creams that are specially made for dry and cracked skin. Although, you must keep in mind that alcohol-based hand sanitizers won’t be effective if your hands are oily or greasy. So, ensure that the hand cream is fully absorbed in the skin and only then use the hand sanitizer.

Choose a Tube Over a Tub

If you have a choice, always go for a tube of hand cream over those which are stored in tubs. By doing this you can avoid contaminating the contents as in a tub you would have to dip your fingers in. With the current situation, it is best to avoid risking for even a bit. Also, by using a tube, you would know the exact amount of hand cream required rather than greasing your hands by dipping them in a tub. You can fill it in a travel-size squeeze bottle if you have your hand cream in a tub.

Home Remedies To The Rescue

While you are sitting at home, you have plenty of time for some pampering. Nani ma ke nushke are your best bet to overcome the dryness. Some of the home remedies for dry skin include using coconut oil/ honey/ yogurt or even lemon juice. All these ingredients will help keep the moisture in your hands. Try these home remedies for dry cracked hands and we bet, you would use them more often, once you give it a try.

Hand Masks

Did you know people can guess your age just by looking at your hands? Needless to say, that wrinkly hands are a big NO. If you think the solution to this is just regular mani-pedi, then you’ve got it all wrong. Think of hand masks as skin saviors to your hard-working hands. Hand masks may not be as popular as face masks, but these marvels moisturize your hands and keep them hydrated, soft and velvety.

Wash & Moisturize When Important

While you are at home practicing social distancing, you do not need to wash your hands every now & then. Wash your hands, maybe, once in 2-3 hours and give your skin a break. It is important to balance this activity instead of just going all out. Wash your hands more often if you have visited any public place or if you have been close to someone who is sick.

For many of us spending our hard-earned moolah on skin care translates to facial care. Sheet masks, hydrating essence…you get the drill. But we often forget about the skin on our hands. During this testing time, instead of panicking, stay safe indoors and make use of this time by giving your hands the much-needed TLC.


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