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Best Natural Face Wash For Oily Skin and Pimples Best Natural Face Wash For Oily Skin and Pimples


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It’s no secret that the life of a college student requires stressful long hours juggling assignments and commitments. What remains inescapable among all this is random acne breakouts, blemishes, dull skin and tired skin. Raise your hand if you identify with these problems, but don’t nod along because we have a solution to get you out of it. Here’s your go-to cheat sheet for acne-free, smooth skin -

Pick a detoxifying cleanser 

Let’s be practical, waking up early for morning lectures is never going to be an easy task. Whether you’re up all night partying or racking your head on a test paper, your skin will bear the brunt of it. An easy solution to this is choosing a detoxifying and hydrating face wash that will not only wash the previous night’s tiredness off your face, but also wake your skin up, just in time for class. We recommend using the all-rounder range of face washes by Everyuth Naturals, uniquely formulated for different skin types. 

The best oil control face wash would ideally contain lemon and orange zest, the best face wash for pimples and fairness will be formulated using skin purifying and detoxifying ingredients, while the best face wash for normal skin would preferably contain fruity ingredients. 

Exfoliate the chunky buildup 

If you find your skin feeling rough and bumpy, it is best if you gently exfoliate it to get rid of dead skin cell matter and flaky skin. Scrub this chunky build up to get rid of clogged pores, dullness and any sort of damaged skin cells. Regular exfoliation gives your skin velvety smooth texture that is free from acne-causing bacteria, germs and dirt. 

Moisturize (like no one is watching)

Now that your face is finally clean, free from any traces of makeup, impurities or other facial products, it is time you give it a true sense of pampering it deserves. Moisturize your skin in the morning and before you go to bed. Not only does this deeply hydrate your skin, but also illuminates skin tone and gives it a subtle healthy glow. So, no matter what your skin type, moisturize!

Destress with a face mask

On days when you feel like your skin needs some serious uplifting and deserves deeper nutrition, it is best if you treat it with a face mask. Take your pick - cream, clay, gel, peel off or even a sheet mask is a great way to destress and give your skin the longstanding comfort it has been craving for. Often, our skin breaks out due to lack of adequate hydration and nutrition. A face mask is a great way to allow your skin to relax, replenish and prepare to steer clear from acne and pimples. 

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