Maa, Mumma, mom, mum are different words, but they all invoke the same feeling of love. Every year, you celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom and pamper her with everything possible. Take her to the movies, her fave restaurant, sponsor a spa session, and so much more. While this year things may be different, it does not mean we can’t make her feel special. You are both confined together at home and while to look at it, it’s the best time you’ll ever get with her. So, let’s make this a happy Mother’s Day by pampering the one who has pampered us throughout our life, at home.

At-home- spa: 

home spaYou’ve done this before with your BFFs. Why not do it with your mom? We are sure she will love the experience of a home spa. Get your skincare products out of the drawer and get going for some skin rejuvenation. If she hasn’t been taking care of her skin, explain her your skincare routine (don’t forget the basics – cleansing, toning & moisturizing). Whip up a home-made face mask and give her the perfect home facial while you listen to some relaxing music. You can’t go wrong with this Mother’s Day skincare routine.

Pedicure & Manicure Session:

pedicure & manicureShe has been cooking, cleaning, and balancing the work at home magnificently. It’s now time for her hands and feet to get some much-needed care with manicure and pedicure at home. Keeping those nails shining and bright is of utmost importance. Soak your hands & feet in some warm water, use a scrub as an exfoliant, brush that dirt away, moisturize your skin and lastly, apply a fresh coat of her favorite nail paint. No woman can say no to this, believe us.

Breakfast in Bed:

breakfast in bedWhat’s a Mother’s Day celebration without some yummy food. Nothing feels as good as a hot cuppa coffee and eggs/avo on toast in bed. This is her day and you ought to start her day with a smile. Surprise her with an easy breakfast recipe, doesn’t have to be something fancy. We bet she will love the effort more than anything else.

Marie Kondo’ing your way to her heart: 

home cleaningMothers are like cleaning genies. Without them, we would just be living in a dump of mess. This quarantine has led to her working relentlessly over and above her daily routine. It’s time to give her a break and get the broom in your hand. Take charge and distribute the chores. In the cleaning process, you may just realize how therapeutic cleaning really is ??

Netflix n Chill: 

mother & daughter watch series and moviesIt’s her day to have the remote. Give her the control and watch whatever she picks. Catch up on some chick flicks or even sci-fi for that matter. Let her choose. Get her hooked to Netflix like we are and maybe you might just realize how cool she really is.

Lastly, don’t forget that only one day cannot justify what she has done for you, your entire life. Spend the quarantine with her by chatting with her about everything under the sky. Wishing all mothers, a very Happy & ‘Hatke’ Mothers Day. Spoil yourself silly!


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