Skincare and self-care during lockdown are trending on the Internet for the right reason. This is the perfect time to set right your beauty regime and take care of your mental as well as physical health. Any sort of the change in lifestyle, skincare routine, diet, and sleep can reflect on your skin. This is exactly the reason why your skin is breaking out more than usual even when you’re spending all your time indoors.

Some of the most obvious reasons for a breakout are – you are eating food that is high in fat & carbs, you’re using more skincare products that pre-quarantine, you’re being lazy about personal hygiene and doing laundry, constant stress and anxiety. While you get thinking about this, we got you covered with some home remedies for acne.

Keep your skincare essentials ready

tea tree oilIf a zit is to appear, you should be ready with your favorite products to calm it down. Tea tree oil, a natural face cleanser that is best for oily skin and a pore cleanser. Do not try using new products if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin. Stay away from applying toothpaste or garlic at home as they could leave burns.

Multani Mitti is BAE

multani mittiSalicylic acid is one of the best treatments for acne as it helps in unclogging pores and exfoliating the skin. But if you don’t want to use chemicals or don’t have a tube handy, then pick fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) or aloe vera for easy acne treatment at home. Multani mitti works great as a spot treatment and helps you get rid of the irritation too. Fresh Aloe Vera juice helps calm the skin and can be used once or twice a day as a moisturizer too.

Ice, Ice Baby

apply ice to reduce swelling on faceApplying ice is a great method of reducing swelling if you have a big zit appearing on your face. It helps reduce the inflammation and irritation on the skin. In fact, because its summer, rubbing ice once a day is a good idea to minimize pores. However, make sure of not using ice directly on your skin. Wrap it in a napkin or towel and then gently dab it on the spot, few seconds at a time.

Over-Washing face is a big NO

do not over wash your faceWhile you are washing your hand’s plenty of times in the lockdown, you may find the urge to wash your face too. But avoid doing this as this could strip your face from its natural oil, leaving it dry sensitive and red. This may also cause an overcompensation in oil production, blocking pores, and triggering breakouts.

Definitely don’t pick pimples

Fight the urge to pick pimples. It’s the worst thing you can do to your skin. Popping zits will only increase the chances of increasing it and leaving scars on your face. Keep your hands off your face, period.

You cannot step out and go to your regular dermat appointments, but pimples/acne can also be attended to at home. Follow some of the basic rules of fighting zits at home and you’ll be fine. This is the best time for your skin to breathe so avoid lathering too many chemicals on your face.


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