One peek inside the vanity bag of any celebrity, makeup artist, or anyone who is known to take good care of their skin, will make you realize how important Micellar Cleanser is. The reason why it has garnered so much attention is that it is one product that helps in makeup removal, cleansing as well as toning. Literally, a magic potion in a bottle. Intrigued to know more? Read on…

What is a micellar cleanser?

micellar cleanserIt is a cleanser that looks just like water and is used to remove all the gunk from your face. Unlike a typical cleanser, you do not have to rinse this off. This amazing elixir has been used in France for decades and the women swear by the amazing results.

When should it be used?

when to use micellar cleanserThis multifunctional product can be used in multiple circumstances.

  • If that wasn’t all, you can also use a Micellar Cleanser to get rid of dirt & oil that has built up on your makeup brushes.
  • What more? It can be used as a face cleanser which you don’t need to rinse off. Since it does not require any rinsing after use, you can pop in your gym bag and it can make your skin look refreshed post-workout.
  • Removing makeup is one of the most tedious things to do, but not anymore with Micellar Cleanser – it’s lightweight & refreshing and helps remove stubborn makeup, instantly.
  • You can use it as an all-over toner – it removes the dirt & oil and cleanses your pores and can easily be replaced by your everyday toner.

How to use it?

how to use micellar cleanserAll you need with Micellar Cleanser are cotton wipes or a cotton ball. You wipe your face with a cotton wipe soaked in a micellar cleanser and that’s it. It will help pull out makeup, sebum, and any other daily unpleasantness off the skin. Added benefit? It is great for acne-prone skin.

Is it beneficial in the lockdown

benefits of micellar cleanserYes, yes, yes. You don’t want to layer your skin with multiple chemicals during its time off. Lathering your skin with more & more skin products will only lead to your skin being subject to more harmful chemicals. The lockdown is the best time for your skin to breathe and feel light without any makeup or heavy skincare products. The Micellar Cleanser is one product that offers you the benefits of multiple products. Moreover, some of the best Micellar Cleansers are suitable to all skin types.

Why Everyuth Micellar Cleanser is the answer to all your skin woes?

Everyuth Naturals Micellar Cleanser is your go-to product to get rid of stubborn makeup. After a fun girls’ night out or a romantic date, struggling to remove makeup is the last thing you want. Everyuth Micellar Cleanser is enriched with a combination of Tea Tree Oil and Aqua Sea Minerals which leaves your skin feeling light & fresh.

P.S. Everyuth Naturals Micellar Cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

In our hectic schedule, we tend to neglect skincare more than often. We need a product that is easy to apply and has multiple benefits. The Micellar Cleanser is the solution to all your skin woes and it is effective too.


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