The most common skin problem for any skin type is due to dehydration. Despite drinking three liters of water everyday, your skin still somehow remains parched and irritable. No amount of highlighter will ever be able to compensate for naturally dull skin, and this is why we must actively try to keep our skin and body hydrated at all times. Take a note of these 5 easy and everyday ways to hydrate your skin thoroughly without having to break the bank –

Take a cold shower

We get it, a long, warm shower is probably the answer to all your prayers, but it is in fact not a very great idea to start your day with. Warm water can strip your skin of its natural moisture and make it even drier. Instead, opt for a relatively cold shower in the morning. This helps jumpstart your day, close all open pores and gives your skin an instant boost of hydration.

Switch to water-rich foods

Fruits and veggies that contain high water content can be just as hydrating for your skin. Eating water dense foods help replenish any lost water from the body and gives you a naturally hydrating glow. Among the many beauty tips for glowing skin, this one ranks the highest for overall body and skin hydration. Try to include a combination of water-rich foods like watermelon, berries, cucumber, celery, lettuce, plums, peaches and bell peppers in your everyday diet.

Carry a homemade face mist all the time

For the times when your dull skin feels like it needs to be uplifted, give it a boost of hydration with the help of a facial spray. Prepare a homemade face mist with two parts water, one part rose water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, stirred and stored in a handy spray bottle. Carry this mist with you in your bag and spritz in on the go for an instant source of hydration and moisture.

Use a naturally hydrating face mask

Lastly and most importantly, adding a hydrating face mask to your skincare routine can really make all the difference, when used regularly. It helps your skin relax, unwind and revitalize, all at the same time. We recommend using a deeply moisturizing face pack for dry skin, and a relatively hydrating mask for oily and combination skin type.

The Everyuth Naturals Cucumber Face Pack is a naturally rejuvenating solution to dehydrated skin. This cucumber face pack is best known for deeply cleansing the pores, reversing the impact of environmental impurities and acting as a source of instant hydration. This Everyuth face pack brings back the lost moisture and restores skin’s natural glow, making it the best face pack for glowing skin.


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